The production of goat skins is addressed, for the 80% to the footwear and, for the 20% to the leather goods. The "GlomerPelliSrl" has a wide range of products, showed to customers through the, so-colled, color chart; renovated every six months according to the demands of the fashion market, and presented, twice a year, in the most important Italian exhibition "Lineapelle".

1.000 m2 of leather is produced per day.

The company has a warehouse in which the products are arranged according to size, color, thickness and quality and where there is a wide assortment of items, ready to be shipped within 24-48 hours. The company's flexibility allows it to accommodate specific customer requirements, producing personalized items. In addition, over the years, thanks to highly qualified staff, the company has managed to improve the production standards and quality of its products

The activity of "GlomerPelliSrl" is supported by sellers throughout Italy and most of Europe.